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Stop over on the E11 Forest Trail

Hütte Žiogeliai

Hütte Žiogeliai on E11 Forest Trail is located in Žiogeliai village and marks the finish of one and the start of another section of the Forest Trail Lithuania. We offer you an authentic place to sleep, eat and create here. 

Directly situated at the E11 Forest Trail we accommodate hikers in Žiogeliai village. Here is the path´s end point of section 55 and starting point of section 56. Žiogeliai is located in Dzūkija National Park between Druskininkai and Merkinė directly at the river Nemunas. Our lovely village is inscripted in the list of Lithuanian ethnographical places and gives insights into traditional life of forest people in Dzūkija. 

Hütte Žiogeliai is run by Birutė and Jakob. Based on our own travel and hiking experiences we want to make Your stay here inspiring. Besides a bed and a shower you will have the possibility to try local food with a modern twist, we call it culinary education. Last but not least You find a contemporary art studio / exhibition place at Hütte Žiogeliai.

Hütte Žiogeliai on E11 Forest Trail is opened seasonally from mid of May till mid of September. It´s member of LKA, the Lithuanian association for rural tourism, and repeatedly received highest ratings from various sources for hostility and hygienical standards. Get in touch with us now and we find a individual tailored solution for your stay in Hütte Žiogeliai.

Žiogeliai – do You know that ….

In Lithuanian language „Žiogeliai“ can mean „grasshoppers“ or „safety pins“. But for our village with same name the first written mentions date from second half of 18th century. Lithuanians know Žiogeliai because legendary film „Riešutų duona“ was shot here. Žiogeliai has a cemetery and a religious cross and nowadays about 20 inhabitants in a dozen of farmsteads. If you like we will tell and show you more once You arrived to Hütte Ziogeliai at E11 Forest Trail.

E11 Forest Trail – do You know that …

The Eastern part of E11 Forest trail official was inaugurated only in 2021 and connects Lithuana, Latvia and Estonia. For 2024 „Lonely Planet“ choose E11 Forest Trail as one of the hot newcomers and calls it „Europe´s longest meditation path“. The Lithuanian section of E11 sums up to 747 kilometres. Directly at the Forest Trail Hütte Žiogeliai is situated between Merkinė and Druskininkai and provides You with accommodation and more. Meet You soon!