Eat Hütte Ziogeliai v2


at Hütte Žiogeliai E11 Forest Trail

Dzūkija is famous for berries, mushrooms and other veggies which like sand ground. So in Hütte Žiogeliai at E11 Forest trail mother nature donates us fantastic products, including award-winning cheeses from farmers of the region. This are the seasonal and local basics for our culinary education


Typical dishes are daily quiche with garden salad, berry cake, cheese platter or the famous Saltibarsciai soup. Expect some influences of international cuisine at E11 Ziogeliai Hütte, too. We always have vegetarian and gluten free options

Daily offers are strongly predicted by the local markets, our garden and suppliers. We avoid supermarket products to reflect local food traditions in our interpretation. Moderate pricing of culinary education starts from five Euro. Agree on Your individual journey of tastes now by contacting us