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at Hütte Žiogeliai E11 Forest Trail

Hütte Žiogeliai has place for Your ideas! We can help You with a wide variety of services for events. There is the art studio / exhibition place – the only white cube of some 35 square metres in Žiogeliai. Here You can do a pop-up exhibition, work shops, presentations and much more. Secondly there is our sauna house with an indoor pool and two bedrooms for special guests. In our green court yard at E11 Forest Trail there is place for Your event, too – no matter if it is a film shooting, a team building or a non-standard highlight.

We can do the catering four Your event, culinary education. Using local and seasonal products allows a moderate price calculation. Hütte Žiogeliai provides technical equipment, too, sometimes in cooperation with specialists. Think about sound system, video beaming, lightning or what else Your event needs.

For Your convenience we offer you some workshops / courses, too. Birutė continues in Žiogeliat at E11 Forest trail with teaching how to sceth, paint and do art with enamel. Jakob shares at Hütte Žiogeliai his experiences and knowledge about delicious food done the easy way. Fine art printing is another of our interests and we are fully equipped to show You the magic. So get in touch with us, tell Your idea and let´s find the perfect solution together.

How about parties?

Žiogeliai is a quiet village with animals. So at 22:00 is latest deadline for music. You understand: For party nights there are other places then Hütte Žiogeliai at 11 Forest Trail. Celebrating a jubilee at the afternoon is another story. If in doubt just ask us.

How about the sauna / pool house?

The sauna / pool house belonging to Hütte Žiogeliai at Forest Trail E11 isn´t available all time. Contact us to check out details.

How about charity projects and sponsoring?

We help where we can. Convince us.

Can i visit the art studio at E11 Forest Trail?

At many days Birutė works in her studio and finds time to show You. To give us a notice before Your visit makes it easier to be prepared.